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Insectrac® CL Tab

Unlike conventional pheromone traps which monitor moth numbers, Insectrac® CLTab is an ‘Auto-confusion’ system which employs pheromone for long term control specifically for Clothes Moths (Tineola bisselliella).

Using patented Entostat powder technology, Insectrac® CLTab uniquely produces an automatic transfer of a confusion effect in male moths.

This process (Auto-Confusion) spreads sexual confusion throughout the male moth population thereby interrupting the mating cycle and reducing the moth population.

For use with our clear Insectrac® CL Tab Dispensers which are specifically designed to be discrete for professional costume wardrobes and heritage sites.




The Insectrac® CL Tab system is a unique and pesticide free pheromone based system for the long term control of Clothes Moths. The system fits in the “Integrated Pest Management” approach which could eliminate the need to treat with chemicals.

The system works continuously 24/7, which is ideal for a prevention programme.

Case Size

175 x 160 x 80 mm
Units per case
4 x 24 units (96 tabs)

Insectrac CL Tab Technical Information

Insectrac CL Tab SDS English
Insectrac CL Tab Instructions English

Available through professional distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

Please contact us for details of our distributors in your country.