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Exosex® SP Tab

Unlike conventional pheromone traps which monitor moth numbers, Exosex® SPTab is an ‘Auto-confusion’ system which employs pheromone to control stored product moths for use in the food industry.

Using patented Entostat powder technology, Exosex® SPTab uniquely produces an automatic transfer of a confusion effect in male moths.
This process (Auto-Confusion) spreads sexual confusion throughout the male moth population thereby interrupting the mating cycle and reducing the moth population.

The Exosex® SPTab has a full European BPR simplified registration until 2026.
Registration No: UK-2016-1002.

For use with our blue, food industry standard Exosex® SP Tab Dispensers.



The Exosex® SP Tab is an ideal approach to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that reduces and potentially eliminates the need for chemical treatments in moth control.

The Exosect® SP Tab provides continuous activity against a range of stored product moth species including Indian Meal Moth and Raisin Moth in food factories, especially in those with Organic accreditation. The system is Pesticide free and certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd.

Case Size
175 x 160 x 80 mm
Units per case
4 x 24 units (96 tabs)

Exosex SP Tab Technical Guide

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Available through professional distributors throughout the UK and Europe, subject to national registrations.

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