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PT Exoroach® Station

A unique and patented roach trapping station for use in many situations.
The PT Exoroach Station is a durable plastic unit with an easy to use service kit containing glue board, Entostat® Powder sachet, cockroach lure and clear ‘how to use’ instructions.

Replacement  PT Exoroach Service Kits are also available.



  • Uses innovative electrostatic powder and removable adhesive catch boards for escape-proof control.
  • Totally pesticide-free for environmental care and non-target safety.
  • Discreet, fully enclosed catch area for use in sensitive areas.
  • Large catch capacity (1000+ cockroaches) means up to 3 months between service visits and reduced consumables costs.
  • Robust, hard-wearing and waterproof unit for long-term trapping and monitoring programs.
  • Each trap includes a full installation kit containing a glue board, electrostatic powder, food lure and easy-service instructions in one pack.  Replacement PT Exoroach® Service Kits are available separately.

Pack Size
5 traps (including installation kits) per outer.


Exoroach Technical Guide

Safety data sheet Entostat powder

Available through professional distributors worldwide.

Please contact us for details of our distributors in your country.