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Flex Track™ Mains Energisers

To power Bird Shock® Flex Track™, two options are available.

These mains energisers must be connected to a power source.

Solar energisers are also available here.



The Flex Track™ mains energisers are CE marked and are available in two different powers.

The Flex-Track™ BS-8 powers up to 150m of track.
The Flex-Track™ BS-24 is designed for larger jobs and powers up to 500m of track.

Small energiser
Input 12v 50mA
Stored Energy: 0.8 Joule
Output Energy: 0.45Joule
Max Voltage: 7500v
Volts at 500 Ohm: 4000v

Large energiser
Input 12v 50mA
Stored Energy: 2.4 Joule
Output Energy: 1.2 Joule
Max Voltage: 8400v
Volts at 500 Ohm: 4800v


Mains Energiser Operating Instructions


Available through professional distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

Please contact us for details of our distributors in your country.