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Sparrow Trap Door

Representing over three years of testing and development, there is a finally a humane bird trap specifically for birds trapped inside structures.

The “Trap Door” was designed specifically to provide a discrete, gentle, hygienic, and cost-effective way to get small birds out of buildings.

An audio module containing sparrow calls is also available here.


When set, the “Trap Door” is simply a welcoming platform with food. Birds stand on the platform eating happily until they press down on the perch. Suddenly, the floor gives way under them and they fall inside the ventilated box with a lid positioned securely above.
When a bird is captured it will remain quiet and calm within the holding box until it can be released safely outdoors. Food and water can be left inside to protect the bird. To release the bird outside simply open the “Trap Door” lid and it will fly out.

The “Trap Door” looks more like a bird feeder than a trap. Sparrows easily become accustomed to coming and going from the trap to feed.

Dimensions Closed:
32cm H x 17cm W x 30cm D

Dimensions Open:
47cm H x 17cm W x 24cm D

Available through professional distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

Please contact us for details of our distributors in your country.