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Insect traps & Attractants

Pest Trader, through our parent company Sentomol, offers a broad selection of inset pheromone and attractant products for the effective management of insects pests.  Good control begins with good monitoring.

From the moment of harvest, organic material can become the target for insect species, whether wool or wheat, cotton or corn, timber or tobacco. Many species, primarily moths and beetles, have adapted their life style to feed on stored organic commodities. Equally vulnerable are valuable treasures in museums, libraries and galleries. Damage can be direct through feeding, or indirect by contamination with webbing, frass or body parts or through the encouragement of secondary infestations such as moulds and rots. The commercial loss to such attacks can be significant, so early detection and elimination can save money by protecting materials from spoilage and avoiding potentially expensive remedial treatments. Early detection with pheromone monitoring traps proves vital in protecting stored goods from insect attack.

Everywhere we go, insects seem able to spoil our enjoyment, attacking us, the food we eat and infesting the places we inhabit. With government regulations limiting the range of sprays available to professional pest controllers, the use of pheromones, attractants and glue traps has become an increasingly practical means to detect invasions early and reduce the potential for disruption and harm. By knowing where and when a pest is present, the few chemicals we have can be specifically targeted against the pest. Insect traps loaded with the correct pheromone or attractant can assist in and prevent a few individuals becoming an infestation that would be financially more expensive to control.

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