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The Invisible Wave™ Pigeon Dissuader
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The Invisible Wave™ Pigeon Dissuader – COMING SOON!

The new Invisible Wave™ offers you an innovative, ecological, self -cleaning, easy to use and effective pigeon dissuader. The Invisible Wave™ will help you to permanently solve the serious problem pigeons in a simple, fast and effective way, whilst protecting and keeping your building clean for years.

Supplied as a 15m Installation Kit.


Product Description

The novelty of The Invisible Wave™ is given by its shape – a smooth and swinging surface that can be placed on gutters and eaves. Once installed on the area you want to protect, The Invisible Wave™ tilting surface remains in an inclined position. Birds gliding on that surface cause the oscillation and the passage from an inclined to a horizontal position. In this way pigeons come into contact with an unstable surface which forces them to instantly fly away, without causing the pigeon any physical damage or discomfort of any kind.

Made with certificated transparent poly-carbonate material – Calibre “300”, including both mold release and UV stabilizer, The Invisible Wave™ has an excellent guarantee of weather resistance.

Product tested to the following European Standards:
EN 600068-2-75
EN 60695-10-2
EN 60695-2-10

Pack size: 15m Installation Kit

Approximate weight of Installation Kit boxed: 12kg
Approximate dimensions of Installation kit boxed: 60 x 40 x 37 cm


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The Invisible Wave Pigeon Dissuader will soon be available through professional distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

Please contact us for details of our distributors in your country.